It's Like Having Your Personal Travel Assistant
Tailored Adventures

Hello Familia! I am Sayra (CY-rah) 

I asume you've been thinking about traveling and that's why you are here. 

Don't ignore the nudge! Your subconscious is telling you that you need this! 

Problem: With so many social media posts, websites and friends advise, you get overwhelmed with so much information.

Solution: You DON"T need to plan and organize alone! You can hire a real human English and Spanish speaking travel expert to help you! Me!

Result: Relief. Everything is planed, organized and paid for before you go, someone already confirmed ALL your travel plans with the vendors to make sure everything goes as smoothly as posible. 

As your dedicated travel agent, I help you budget, organize and book your Personalized Travel Plans.

My Super Power is Planning and Organizing Journeys that reflect your unique needs and wishes.

About Me
Privilege of visiting 30+ Countries
  • I am an Independent Travel Specialist with Luxevo Vacations
  • I have traveled on multiple cruise lines, multiple land tours, customized my own trips, and relaxed in beautiful beaches in all inclusive resorts.
  • I have traveled on a low budget and luxury budget. 
  • I have traveled as a single mother and as married mother.
  • I am wife to Scott and mother of 2 girls.
  • I enjoy pilates, reading, biking, ziplines, gourmet food, and learning history through travel.

My mission is to inspire and empower others to go see with their own eye balls those beautiful places they think "some day" they will see.